One of the challenges in working with groups of people is figuring out how we can strengthen both ‘unity’ and ‘diversity’.
“. . . the invention of unity in diversity.” Paulo Freire

At the core of DTC programming is an objective to initiate and encourage vigorous scholarly engagement through research and exchange with individuals, institutions and networks. The Tutu Fellows program supports the training of researchers at Butler University and Christian Theological Seminary, many of whom are uniquely poised to make discoveries in global justice issues. 

Suzanne was selected as a Tutu Fellow for 2014-15 for her project in collective narrative practice, "Telling Our Stories: Person Marginalized by Poverty Speak Out." This project utilizes a collective narrative methodology to work with select families in Indianapolis who have experienced hardship from poverty and want to share their stories to help other people in difficult situations.  Students from Christian Theological Seminary are trained in collective narrative practice to lead storytelling groups under her mentoring. 

This project’s significance for direct promotion of reconciliation locally is that it provides a venue for persons in marginalized populations to claim their own stories, connect with others in the world community, and listen to themselves as experts of their lives rather than professional experts.  Suzanne believes that this will bring a sense of hope to local and selected global communities as persons seek to be reconcilers of hope.